Hal Stein

Late Great Bebop Saxophonist

Hal Stein - teacher

Hal Stein was my teacher from around 1986-88. He taught me a lot about Charlie Parker and Lester Young, and was a great devotee of be-bop.

Hal was the first teacher from whom I really got a good understanding of jazz, by his pointing me the way. He showed me patterns and ii-V-I licks, how to play over Jamie Aebersold records, and some great Lester Young solos he had transcribed, which I studied very avidly. Hal was a great saxophone player and I was very sad to hear of his passing in 2008.

Saxophone solo transcriptions by Hal Stein MP3 PDF
"Somebody Loves Me" - Lester Young - Bb chart
"D.B. Blues (blues with a bridge) - Bb chart" - Lester Young