Richard Lobb -

The Hospital for Broken Things

By Richard Lobb © 2012
Richard Lobb - The Hospital for Broken Things

by Richard Lobb © 2012

About Richard Lobb

I met Richard whilst playing at a pub in Bounds Green called "The Ranelagh" where he led a Thursday night session for five years. I fell in with the house band and eventually had them and Richard work with me on my own 2012 CD "Dead Man's Cake." This cat is fantastic. He plays guitar, sings, writes, and does a lot of other musical stuff besides. He's just a super musical human being.

The Record

I'm proud to have played saxophone on a couple tracks of Richard's album "The Hospital for Broken Things" ; I'm on tracks 2 & 8, "Firesong" and "Roll Up Roll Up (Give Me All Your Money)". Thanks Richard, for having me on your record.

Richard and the Toybox Band

Those were a great five years, then Richard moved to Bristol. But I met a lot of great musicians during that time and was very proud to have these cats play on my own CD.


The record was recorded in Richard's home studio as well as up at Highbard in Essex, produced by Richard Lobb.