Mark Schleunes

Guitarist, singer, songwriter, producer

Mark Schleunes

I've known Mark Schleunes since our days working together in the Underworld Opera Company where he did some amazing sound design and audio engineering work. We also played in a Motown band for awhile known as Lucy Nuff. You can see more about those projects elsewhere on this site.

But our primary work together was as the duo known as earRotator. That was a rock / electronica project of songs with political themes we made during that dark time in American history known as the George W. Bush years. We played a number of club gigs, performance spaces and did quite a few guerilla gigs with a battery powered rig of Mark's design, on the streets of Berkeley and San Francisco and at anti-war protests during the run-up to the Iraq war and after the war began. As part of that project we created a DVD of original videos in collaboration with Mark's wife Margaret Boehm. We also made a CD called Holy Empire which you can read about here. I am extremely proud of that project; I think we did some great work, and it was a lot of fun besides.

Mark is an accomplished guitarist and singer with a long history of working in bands and original projects of his own, and he is also applies a great sense of humor to his very clever songwriting. Apart from being a great original artist, he's an incredibly intelligent person whose main genius lies in the field of audio engineering, and whatever I know about recording and mixing I mainly learned from Mark. That process of making the earRotator record was a master class in recording and mixing.

After we produced the Holy Empire record we wrote a number of other songs together which I think are great tunes, with a view toward licensing them for film and other projects. Please contact me for more information. Mark and I continue to collaborate over the internet using modern cloud-based musical collaboration software.