Lucy Nuff

early 90s
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  • early 90s

Lucy Nuff - early 90s

Lucy Nuff was a Motown band mainly consisting of people I knew from playing with the Underworld Opera Company (later known as the Oakland Opera Theater). Tom Dean, who runs that company, was on bass for Lucy Nuff. The Schleunes brothers were in the band, with Mark Schleunes on guitar and vocals, and Kurt Schleunes on drums. Tina Osinski was briefly in the band in the early days. The main singers were Cynthia Taylor (who among others has also sung with Charming Hostess) and Denise Fraga. The third soprano's name escapes me, as does the keyboard player Dan's surname.

Anyway this band got pretty tight but I guess we got tired of playing gigs like the the redneck bar TR's in Concord for $30 apiece (if we were lucky), then humping gear at 3am. It could perhaps have become a great wedding band but in the end I think we only played one wedding gig. This tiny picture shows our farewell gig at the Starry Plough in Berkeley. If you look closely on the left you can see me and Mark Schleunes who later went on to form earRotator.