Amistades / Friendships

Music of the Chilean Diaspora
By Rafael Manriquez and Quique Cruz © 2000
Amistades / Friendships

By Rafael Manriquez and Quique Cruz © 2000

About Rafael and Quique

Rafael Manriquez and Quique Cruz... what can I say about these men? These guys are both incredible multi-instrumentalists and brilliant composers, each with a substantial body of work. It's been a joy and an education for me have worked with them on many recordings and gigs.

My thoughts

This record is a celebration of more than 20 years of their making music together, and I was honored to play soprano saxophone on a track called "Avriles" (Aprils).


Rafael and Quique were founding members of La Peña Cultural Center in Berkeley, as well as an amazing ensemble that toured all over North America and Europe, known as Grupo Raiz.


Recorded at White Cow Studio in Berkeley, CA, mixed by Brian Knave, Rafael and Quique. Produced by Quique.