Maria Fernanda Acuña

Venezuelan multi-instrumentalist, composer

Maria Fernanda Acuña

I worked for several years with the brilliant Venezuelan drummer, percussionist and cuatro player María Fernanda Acuña in the band Quijeremá. She is an extraordinary musician and has a great knowledge of Latin American rhythms. Her percussion playing is astonishing, particularly her virtuosic abilities on the maracas and cajón, but she is great on the cuatro and other instruments as well. She also created a very interesting and unique drum kit made of ethnic drums from various parts of the world for her work with Quijeremá.

I also worked on a record of Maria's entitled "Baile y Canto · Music in Spanish for Children" which is described here. María is an essential part of the sound of Quijeremá and a great musician in her own right, and it's been my privilege to work with her.

Quique and Maria's latest project is the Q y M ensamble.