Baile y Canto

Music for Children in Spanish
By María Fernanda Acuña © 2006
Baile y Canto

By María Fernanda Acuña © 2006

About María

While she is not producing spell-binding rhythmic virtuosity for Quijeremá, the brilliant Venezuelan drummer, percussionist and cuatro player María Fernanda Acuña also teaches Spanish through music to children in the San Francisco Bay Area in a program called "Viva el Español".

My thoughts

As part of that effort she produced this excellent CD that has been a big hit with the under-10 set. The record includes members of Quijeremá and a number of other special guests. In addition to having the great opportunity to play saxophones on this record, I got to make a variety of animal sounds! This is a great CD musically, and fun for kids of all ages. María is an essential part of the sound of Quijeremá and a great musician in her own right. I really look forward to hearing more recordings from María and it's been my privilege to work with her.


As of this writing (mid-2016) María is now living in Santiago, Chile, and making more great music in that great city.


Recorded at Musiquito in Oakland, CA, mixed by Jeremy Allen, produced by Maria.